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My Story


In 2013 I enrolled in my first ever 3D modelling and animation course at the University of the Sunshine Coast and was taught by the amazing Dr Uwe Terton. I remember opening Maya for the first time and felt completely lost and overwhelmed.

Uwe gave me confidence to push through and now I have completed eight 3D design courses with an academic average of 92% and have a Bachelor of Computer-Based Design, majoring in 3D modelling and animation.

My passion for 3D design continues to grow every day. I have a long skill set that I am always strengthening and growing. I love learning new programs, different modelling styles and animation techniques.

I have undertaken three internships and have worked professionally as a 3D Environmental Artist for an urban development and visualisation company.

It’s only early days for my career as a 3D Artist and I am excited to see what the years will bring and the places my family and I will go.