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Dr Uwe Terton


Lecture, Computer Based Design and Serious Game Design, University of the Sunshine Coast

Caine took a major role in modelling and designing all 3D artwork for a serious game around waste management in hospital wards. His outstanding and very detailed work made the educational simulation game a successful learning tool used in university nursing education. Caine’s strengths are in his creativity and understanding of what needs to be done to turn a complicated concept and storyboard into amazing artwork and interactive application.

Ben Rolfe


Lecturer in Serious Games, University of the Sunshine Coast

Caine joined our team as a 3D artist, creating realistic models of our nursing labs for a workplace health and safety training game. In addition to his technical skills in modelling and texturing, Caine’s ability to effectively communicate between nursing staff and programmers made him an invaluable member of the team.

Adrian Smith


Lead 3D Artist, Urban Circus

I found Caine to be a very quick and eager learner. He soon picked up the company standard way of working,  and integrated with the team well, establishing himself as a reliable production source.

Johanna Backen


Junior Secondary Teacher, Capricornia School of Distance Education - Rockhampton

Caine delivered a super informative and exciting presentation for the kids, showcasing his personal experience in 3D design as well as providing an overview of cutting-edge software and hardware for our budding designers. He was very relatable and knowledgeable on all aspects of the design and printing process from game-avatar production to prosthesis printing. The list he compiled of suggested education resources and tips for students were particularly helpful for those who are keen to undertake further studies in this area.

Bonny Morlak


CEO, Tiltsta

I am happily recommending Caine for any 3D/animation role based on his creativity, ability to think outside the square, motivation/drive, technical ability but most importantly his team spirit and very pleasant personality.